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Providing quality water is our mission

Our philosophy

The desire for pure water is the reason for WHome's inception, providing pure drinking water is why we are here.

With our products, technology, experience and knowledge, WHome satisfies your need for quality water.

WHome only provides quality water and we are soon to become the best water supplier.


Taiwan's purified water industry is mature, and it has mastered many techniques involved in purifying water. WHome is a collaboration between Taiwan's FLUXTEK and ROTEK.

FLUXTEK is a residential water equipment powerhouse and ROTEK is a leading supplier of industrial, bottled water and barrel water equipment. Both adhere to the spirit of Taiwanese manufacturing and deliver only the very best products to the customer.

Made in Taiwan, WHome has mastered all the elements involved in producing quality water. Not only is quality being sold, peace of mind is being bought.

Introducing FLUXTEK

FLUXTEK was founded in 2000, providing various water filtration devices and accessories aimed at thoroughly improving water quality.

From raw materials to the filter factory, the emission factory, the motor factory and finally to the assembly plant, we have a complete vertically integrated supply chain and hence are able to manage quality and delivery. Since we have control of the whole process from start to finish, OEM and ODM services can be provided.

Our clients span across 5 continents in over 10 countries including the U.S.A., Japan, South Korea, Spain, Turkey and other countries. Quality and excellent service is guaranteed.

Our R&D department is very experienced and is capable of professional grade development of new technologies, at present we have over 40 patents from various countries in the world.

We are ISO 9001 certified and have absolute confidence in our product.

Introducing ROTEK

ROTEK was founded in 1980 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. A developer and manufacturer of water purifying apparatuses, ROTEK is involved in drinking water, beverages and water used in the electronics and pharmaceutical industries.

The water purification, ultrapure water, desalination and wastewater management systems have become streamlined and all production lines are integrated.

Professional technology, stable facilities, comprehensive after sales services are all reasons why we are trusted by our clients and have secured dealerships with companies such as Italy's ATLAS FILTRI.

Our engineers have extensive networks around the globe, providing OEM/ODM services. We are customer oriented at all times in order to service the varying needs of customers from different countries.

Clients in over 30 countries, our distribution networks covers all corners of the globe. We have an excellent reputation worldwide.

The process has been ISO9001 Quality Management Systems certified.

Products from WHome

Products, Technology and Experience are our three strengths, allowing us to provide the very best products.

  1. Home and commercial filtration devices
  2. Home RO equipment
  3. Water Dispensers
  4. Industrial RO equipment
  5. Desalination
  6. Ultrapure water equipment
  7. Liquid filling machines
  8. Pharmaceutical water

WHome, the premier choice.