Water pumps

Sea water pumps

Sea water pump is for hydromassage bathtubs, display fish tank circulation, sea water transfer and re-circulation.

Model Specification Price Quantity
EJA50 0.5HP-130L/min
EJA75 0.75HP-200L/min
EJA100 1HP-220L/min
EJA150 1.5HP-220L/min
EJA200 2HP-260L/min

Jet Pumps

1. Compact design, space-saver, and easy to install and dismantle. 2. It is suitable for pure water or drinking water equipments.

Model Specification Price Quantity

Swimming pool pumps

Swimming pool pump is suitable for re-circulation and filtration systems, spa pools, swimming pools and massage stations.

Model Specification Price Quantity
ESTP35 0.35HP-160L/min
ESTP50 0.5HP-210L/min
ESTP75 0.75HP-240L/min
ESTP100 1HP-275L/min
ESTP120 1.5HP-300L/min

Inverter control pumps

Inverter Control Pump is a complete, all in one unit, consist of SS multistage body, motor, pressure tank and controller.

Model Specification Price Quantity