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RL6T RO System (6CMH)

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The RL series reverse osmosis systems are designed for treating from wide range of water sources including municipal supplies, dam and river waters, bore and brackish water sources. These basic systems are designed to be simple to install, operate and require little maintenance. A membrane flush facility is standard and operates each time the system is started to assist with keeping the membranes clean. Continual monitoring of feedwater pressure, RO permeate quality and storage tank level is performed by PLC controller. ROTEK's Reverse Osmosis systems are capable of removing salts as well as other impurities such as bacteria, sugars, proteins, dyes and constituents having a molecular weight greater than 150-250 dalton.


► Schedule 80 rigid pipe work
► Stainless steel control valves and pump
► Programmable PLC controller
► Low feedwater pressure sensor
► Permeate quality sensor & conductivity display
► Storage tank level sensor input (24 VDC)
► Permeate, reject and recycling flow rotameters
► Adjustable pressure regulator valve
► Auto flush (optional with permeate water)
► Panel mount pressure gauges
► Electrical mimic panel with status indicators
► Electro-polished stainless steel frame

Production Capacity: 6 m3/hr @ 25°C
Recovery Rate: 50-75%

Micro-Filter x 1
- Vessel: TK14 SS304
- Filtering Rate: 5 micron

High Pressure Pump x 1
- Brand: Stairs SBI series
- Material: Stainless Steel AISI 304
- Power: 3ψ/380V/50Hz
- Rating: 12M3/hr x 100MH

FRP Membrane Vessel x 2
- Size: 8"x120" (3 elements long)
- Max. Pressure: 300PSI

Control Panel x 1
- PLC Control + Mimic Panel
- Conductivity Controller for RO permeate
- Automatic / Manual control switches

Other Components
- High pressure piping: SS304
- Low pressure piping: UPVC SCH80
- Frame: Electro-Polished SS304
- Tube Type Flow Meters x 2
- Actuator Valves x 2
- SS316 Pressure Valve x 1
- Provisions for CIP