RA1500 RO System (250LPH)

Model Specification Price Quantity
RA-1500A SS4040 * 1 / 1HP RV Pump
RA-1500B SS4040 * 1 / 2HP Multistage Pump

RA series reverse osmosis systems are used to treat low TDS feedwaters encountered in municipal supplies, dams and river waters. Installation and operation are straightforward and there is little maintenance involved. A membrane flush facility operates each time the system is started to assist with keeping the membranes clean. Continual monitoring of feedwater pressure, RO permeate quality and storage tank level is performed by the controller.


► Stainless steel frame open frame
► S/S or FRP pressure membrane housings
► High pressure S/S braided flexible hose
► Micro-processor controller
► Low feedwater pressure sensor
► Permeate quality sensor & TDS display
► Storage tank level sensor
► Permeate and reject flow rotameters
► Adjustable pressure regulator valve


► Water Store
► Spot Free Car Wash
► Laboratory
► Electro-Plating Factory
► Small Bottle Water Filling Plant
► Other Manufacturing Facilities
► Brackish Water Desalination (Feed TDS 1500ppm Below)

Typical Installation:

Production Capacity: 1500GPD / 250LPH @ 25°C
Salt Rejection: 96-98%
Recovery Rate: 50-75%
Connection: 1/2"Feed, 3/8"Permeate, 3/8"Concentrate
Membrane Housing: SS304 body + ABS end caps - 4040 x 1pc
Pump: Italian Rotary Vane Pump 1000LPH@12Bar + 1HP Taiwan Motor
Frame: Electro-Plated SS304
Pre-Filter: (20"KF Housing + PP Cartridge 5um) x 2 sets
Solenoid Valve x 2
Low Pressure Switch x 1
Concentrate Recycling Valve x 1
Control Panel Components
RO Controller: Pre-programmed RO working procedures + permeate TDS monitor
Pressure Gauges x 2: Filter Feed + RO Feed
Flow Meters x 2: RO Permeate + RO Concentrate
Pressure Regular: SS316
Main Power Switch x 1