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Food and Beverage Industry Applications Introduction

Every soda, beer, or bottle of water that you have enjoyed has most likely been provided to you with the aid of reverse osmosis water technology. Reverse osmosis water treatment contributes a substantial amount to the beverage production industry. Beverage production industries use reverse osmosis, because it is the most efficient method of purifying water. And, the process of reverse osmosis is effective in the removal of common water impurities, including salt forming ions, harmful bacterium, and just about any other contaminant. Generally, reverse osmosis will decrease the total dissolved solids to nonexistent.

Small water stores

Small water stores--water station design concept Drinking water outlets (water station) sets shall meet the water regulations and also meet drinking water quality standards and the requirements of most cost saving, safety, health. Wide settings will enhance drinking water quality, protect people’s health.

Bottled water

Bottled water (150 bottles/HR) – pure water treatment and filling production line design Bottled water plant equipment including water treatment equipment and filling & cleaning equipment has been fully automated, low prices, made the period of return on investment is very short and has become an important entrepreneurial projects in developing countries. This case to introduce national Sun Yat-sen University in Zhuhai district drinking water supply plants in China.

Bottled water -12T/Hr water RO systems case study

Bottled water has became modern daily important necessities after PET bottle hit the market. Various convenient and functional demands have raised. Due to its handy function, it greatly replaced general kettle. Sell water becomes the most promising business in the past two decades. While other industries suffering recession, bottled water market scale is still booming and taking an important status in global beverage market.

  • RO Membrane

    RO Membrane

  • CJ-50GPD Flow Chart

    CJ-50GPD Flow Chart

  • Ultrafiltration Aquasource - Water filtration membranes

    Ultrafiltration Aquasource - Water filtration membranes

  • Reverse Osmosis or RO System

    Reverse Osmosis or RO System

  • 5 gallon mineral water packing production line

    5 gallon mineral water packing production line

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